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In vitro fertilisation is used to help couples have children. The process involves taking eggs from the woman and fertilizing them with sperm from the man in a laboratory environment. The fertilized eggs are then transferred to the woman's uterus to stimulate a pregnancy.

What are the options for treating infertility?
Infertility in couples can be the result of either the man or the woman having a low fertility rate. It can be due to genes as well as diet or lifestyle. There are a number of options available for remedying low fertility. And IVF is usually recommended as a last resort once the potential general health, diet and lifestyle issues have been reviewed.

How much does IVF cost?

The price for IVF starts from €1000.

Contact us and we can give you an exact quote. In Bulgaria, Greece and Czech Republic prices for fertility treatments are much lower than in the rest of Europe due to the low cost of wages. The cost of IVF is up to 150% less than what you pay in London (UK). With JMB Active you can enjoy affordable and high-quality medical treatment.

Is in vitro fertilisation (IVF) the best treatment for me?
If you have tried all other options then IVF is the next step for achieving a successful pregnancy. It is a safe and controlled way to increase your chances of having a child.

How invasive is IVF?
In the preparation stage before the actual IVF process you will be given medication and hormones that stimulate the ovaries and prevent the embryo from being released too early in the cycle.

The in vitro fertilisation process itself has 3 stages. First, an embryo or egg is taken from your ovaries. Second, your partner has to provide sperm. Third, once the eggs have been fertilized they will be transferred into your uterus.

The removal of the embryo is done under local anaesthetic. It is a short procedure that takes aroud 30mns but you will be asked to stay for 2 hours until the anaesthetic wears off. The fertilized embryo will be placed into the uterus also under local anaesthetic 48 hours later.

How many procedures does it require?
IVF is a one-off procedure. As the success rate varies from couple to couple dependent on the age, health and also fertility problem there is a chance that you will need to repeat the procedure more than once to be successful.

What is the recovery time?
Because the IVF process of removing and transferring the embryo into the uterus is done under local anaesthetic it only requires a short recovery time of 2 hours for the anaesthetic to wear off.

What are the potential risks or side-effects?
As the surgical procedure is minimally invasive there are few risks of physical side-effects. The use of hormones to control the cycle and provoke ovarian stimulation can lead to ovarian hyperstimulation which can be life-threatening. But we recommend only specialist IVF clinics and IVF doctors that adhere to strict medical standards to avoid this risk.

What are the expected results?
The success rate for in vitro fertilisation (IVF) varies on the couple's age and health. On average the success rate of the clinics we work with is 40% but it can go up to 70% for some categories of people.

How to choose?
If you require personal advice on in vitro fertilisation (IVF) treatment please contact us. We are not medical specialists but as a first point of contact we can provide you with more information on the treatment in relation to your condition before putting you in contact with the specialist clinics and doctors’ that we partner with.

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