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Every case of cancer is different. This means that each person has to be diagnosed individually. And the treatment plan has to be personalised.

That’s why when you contact us for cancer treatment we bring together a team of multi-disciplinary specialists that review your medical information to recommend the most efficient treatment options and produce a unique and personalised treatment.

We provide cancer diagnosis and personalised treatment plans for the most common types of cancer. In red below you will see a list of the cancer treatments that we offer:

  • Magnetic Resonance
  • Doppler Ultrasonography
  • Gamma camera
  • PET-CT scan
  • Radiotherapy
  • Chemotherapy
  • Surgery
  • Immunotherapy
  • Targeted therapy
  • Brachytherapy
  • Radiosurgery
  • And more listed below in red

Personal treatment plan
Every case of cancer is different. So when you contact us to receive treatment we will first assess your medical history. A multi-disciplinary team of cancer specialists will review and recommend the best treatment plan for you. It might include a combination of treatment methods. The aim is to create a personal treatment plan that is specifically designed to treat your type of cancer.

Second opinion
Treating cancer successfully depends on a good diagnosis. The quality of the diagnosis depends on the experience of the specialist and the technology that helps assess them the type and stage of the cancer. Therefore it is always better to get a second opinion to compare the results of the diagnosis and the type of treatment that they recommend. Your life might depend on it, so it is better to make an informed decision and get a second opinion.

Independent medical travel facilitator
As an independent medical travel facilitator we only recommend the best clinic and specialist. We are not tied to one hospital. And that is important for you because each clinic has its own specialists and equipment. So depending on the type of cancer and its stage we know where you can find the best treatment. And it helps keep the cost of treatment low.

Our mission at JMB Active is to recommend only the best cancer specialists and the latest technology to provide effective and affordable cancer treatment with no waiting time. Our network of partner clinics extends across Europe and Turkey.

Where can I be treated?
We offer cancer screening, diagnosis and treatment in Europe, and Turkey. The location of the treatment depends on your personal requirements, the type of treatment you prefer, type of cancer and the best oncologist we can recommend to you. We work with different specialists for each type of cancer and treatment. Our aim is to provide the right team of specialists at the right price.

Value for money
As a medical facilitator we find for you the best destination, clinic and oncologist at the best price. Turkey and Israel have the advantage of offering highly trained cancer specialists, many of which have been trained in Europe and the USA, with low labour costs. Most medical procedures are labour intensive. On average 70% of the cost of a procedure is labour. And labour costs in Turkey and Israel are lower than in Western Europe. As a result medical procedures for cancer treatment in these countries are cheaper than in most Western Europe. This gives you the opportunity to enjoy the best medical treatment at an affordable price.

And get your money back!
You can get the cost of your medical treatment reimbursed either by your public or private health insurance.

If you are a citizen of the EU and your national health insurance scheme covers the medical treatment you chose to do abroad they can reimburse you up to the cost of the same treatment in your home country.

Also if you have a private insurance scheme they can reimburse you for your treatment if it is covered by your policy.
We will be glad to help you by providing the right documents so that you can be reimbursed back home.

Our specialists
JMB Active partners with the best hospitals and specialists for cancer treatment in Europe and Turkey. It has selected the best cancer specialists, some of whom are leaders in their field at an international level. And most of which have been trained and worked abroad. Depending on your condition and preferred treatment we will recommend the best oncologist for the treatment.

The latest technology
For advanced medical procedures we have partnered with private clinics and hospitals that use the latest medical equipment. They include Cyber Knife and Truebeam, PET-CT scanner. Our partner clinics all work by European and US standards. They offer the same level of treatment as Western Europe or the USA at a fraction of the cost.

Easy communication
Many of the doctor and therapists we work with speak at least one foreign language such as English, French, German or Russian. We can also provide translation services for English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Arabic and Greek.

Time to convalesce
Whatever the destination you chose for treatment you can afford to enjoy the highest level of treatment at a reasonable price. You also have time to convalesce in a beautiful environment. You can enjoy peace and quiet, good service and excellent healthy food. We can also prepare a special rehabilitation plan to help you get back on your feet faster.

Discretion guaranteed
We understand your need for discretion. All our treatments are provided on the basis of full secrecy. Only the doctors who are involved in the treatment and the necessary members from the JMB Active team will be informed of your condition and treatment.

As part of your visit for treatment we can organise your travelling arrangements. We can pick you up from the airport and drive you to your hotel, clinic and treatment centre. We can organise car hire and chauffeur services. We can drive you to visit special places of interest during your stay for medical treatment.

Where to stay?
Tell us your preferences for accommodation and we can recommend the most appropriate hotel, guest house or apartment. It can be close to the clinic where you will receive treatments and/or provide spa facilities to help you relax and recuperate.

A local friend
During your stay we will be glad to act as your local friend. We can accompany you to provide directions, information on the best places to see and moral support when you are receiving treatment.

More information
For more information on specific treatments please click on the packages in red below or contact Julien :
Phone: +359 88 49 79 682


We'll call you back!
In case we are not available to answer your call please leave a message with your name and contact details and we will call you back within 24 hours. Alternatively you can send us an email.

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Radiotherapy ionizing radiation
Chemotherapy effective cancer treatment
Immunotherapy stimulating the body's immune system
Brachytherapy internal, sealed source radiotherapy
Radiosurgery non-invasive cancer treatment
Breast cancer alternatives to breast surgery
Leukemia - Lymphoma leukemia, lymphoma, and multiple myeloma treatment
Prostate cancer early detection and treatment
Brain tumor craniotomy to remove the tumor cells
Melanoma skin cancer treatment
Stomach cancer gastric cancer treatment
Lung cancer diagnosis and treatment for lung cancer
Colon cancer colorectal and colon cancer treatment
Kidney cancer diagnosis and treatment of kidney cancer
Throat cancer cancer of the lip, mouth, nose, sinuses, pharynx and larynx
Endometrial cancer cancer of the uterus
Pancreatic cancer adenocarcinoma treatment

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Location Europe, Turkey, Israel
Dates available All year round

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Included Personal treatment plan
Optional Choice of treatment
Excluded Scan, medical tests, anaesthesia, accommodation, food, transport, flights, translator

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