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Arts and Crafts Activities

JMB Active organises stimulating Arts and Crafts activities that help the children learn about traditional Bulgarian culture.

They have the opportunity to learn traditional Bulgarian crafts such as Art pottery, pyrography, glass painting, with the option to learn other crafts.

JMB Active partners with the best hotels in Apriltsi to offer good quality accommodation to the children during their stay. Through our close relationship with these hotels we can offer the best value for money to the parents. The hotels we work with provide quality and comfort in a beautiful natural setting with great views of Stara Planina, all this at discounted rates.

The packages we offer are full-board. They include accommodation with food. As we work only with the best hotels the food is of the highest quality. It is freshly cooked and in accordance with the new regulations of the Ministry of Education. At JMB Active we promote natural health and good quality living. Part of our mission is to re-engage people with nature. We encourage through our activities people to consume natural foods that are the basis for good health.

We can provide a range of types of entertainment for the children and teachers to enjoy during their stay. We regularly organise a children’s disco at the local nightclub. It is exclusively reserved for the group so the children can have fun in a safe environment. They can request their favourite music from the DJ and dance to different musical styles.

As part of a school package the award winning Apriltsi children's choir will perform Bulgarian folk songs in traditional costumes. The live performance is an insight into Bulgarian culture that many children from bigger cities rarely have the opportunity to enjoy.

We also have animators that can organise games and challenges for the children when they have free time.

JMB Active organises activities that engage the children with active participation. It stimulates their interest and helps them relate to what they learn in the classroom.

In the Arts and Crafts activities package the children discover traditional Bulgarian crafts such as Art pottery, pyrography, glass painting and potentially others. It helps them make sense of the stories they read and life in the past.

We combine the arts & crafts activities with outdoor games to provide a good balance between indoor and outdoor activities. It helps the children spend their energy and stay focused when practicing the crafts.

In Apriltsi the children will enjoy clean air and a stimulating environment that will bring out the best in them. Teachers can relax as the children are naturally interested in the activities and have space to express themselves. It is an ideal environment for learning outside the classroom. JMB Active’s team manages all the activities so that the teachers can also enjoy themselves.

As part of the Art and Nature package we will do a walk in nature and see a weaving demonstration. You will also visit the Apriltsi women’s monastery and learn about the uprising of the people against the Ottoman yoke. And we will introduce you to collection of Bulgarian traditional crafts explaining how different natural elements were used in their creation. You will also visit Gumoshtnik Church, the Troyan monastery and Vasil Levski’s hiding place.

Why you would enjoy these Arts and Crafts activities...
If you are a parent or teacher you will want the children to be stimulated and learn something useful that will benefit their education. And as a school pupil you will have fun doing exciting activities using your hands. It’s a fun way to learn about real life.

Who do we recommend it to?
We recommend the Arts and Crafts activities to any school group from a young age of 3 with the parents to 18 years old. We adapt the activities to the age group. Whatever the age everybody has a great time doing the activities. We organise activities for any size group from 10 to 50 children.

When is the Arts and Crafts activities available?
We organise the Arts and Crafts activities throughout the year. The activities do not depend on the weather. We are also flexible on the time for each activity so we can do walks and games outside when the weather is best and do indoor activities the rest of the time.

How to book
JMB Active is a fully licensed tour operator. If you wish to book a school holiday please contact us for more information.

We’ve organised Arts and Crafts activities as well as a children and parents weekends that bring the family closer by enjoying quality time together. You can read more about the feedback and impressions of people who have tried it in our testimonials' section.

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General information

Location Apriltsi
Venue Apriltsi hotel and craftsmen studios
Dates available All year round
Group size From 10 to 50 children with accompanying teachers
Requirements None, just a touch of curiosity
Specialist We work only with the best local master craftsmen who enjoy teaching children
Languages spoken Bulgarian, English and French
Disabled access no
Indicative price per person from

Package content

  • 4 nights full-board in one of Apriltsi's best hotels
  • 3 Arts and crafts activities: Art pottery, pyrography and glass painting
  • Materials
  • 5 visits
  • Animators
  • Guides for museums and local landmarks
  • 3 x Themed disco night
  • Performance of the Apriltsi choir
  • Games
  • Story telling
  • Transport
  • Clothes for the activities
  • Shoes for walking


We can organise a broad range of arts and crafts and outdoor Activities. Please contact us to discuss your ideas so we can produce a customised programme for your school.