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Art Team Building

During the Art Team Building weekend you will have fun discovering your artistic side. The Art Team Building workshop teaches individuals to learn to communicate with their colleagues in new ways using their intuition and emotional intelligence.

Adapt to a fast-changing world
We live in a fast-changing world. Consumers are refusing traditional forms of advertising and changing their purchasing habits. There are many things that they refuse to pay for such as music but they are ready to pay for other new products in new ways. They do not seek brands like before. They want individual customised products. We live in the age of 3D printing.

These changes create problems and challenges for businesses. The companies that can identify the new trends will find solutions and win more clients. And to achieve success they need teams that are flexible and think creatively.

The Art Team Building workshop helps the team develop its creative thinking as a group. The challenges which are set during the workshop help everybody learn how to resolve problems together as a team by thinking in new ways. As a business it
helps you learn to adapt in a fast-changing world and stay ahead of your competitors. It develops important qualities within the team to stay ahead of the game:

  • Business creativity
  • Innovation
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Creative thinking
  • Intuition
  • Trust of the individual to participate in the team effort
  • Reliance on each other
  • Learning to listen to all team members across different departments, specialities or fields of expertise
  • Communication within the team
  • Listening to the clients to understand their specific needs

The aim of the Art Team Building is to help team members find new solutions to new problems.

Every business is different!
We always adapt the activities and challenges of the workshop to the type of company and its objectives. When you contact us we will define together your objectives for the weekend. Then we will come back to you with a plan and explain how each activity or challenge will help us together reach that objective.

The Art Team Building weekend has the potential to change the way your team works together and improve the performance of your business as a whole. We make sure that the learnings from the activities can be easily applied to the challenges of the workplace after the weekend.

As a tour operator JMB Active can recommend the appropriate accommodation for your team. . We aim to provide a comfortable and intimate environment to facilitate personal expression and communication within the group. For groups of less than 20 people we usually recommend a family-run guest houses. For larger groups we would recommend a hotel. We only work with establishments that are all well-managed and offer a good service. We want to make sure you have a unique and memorable experience.

The package we include for the Art Team Building weekend includes full-board to facilitate the organisation of the weekend. It includes breakfast, lunch and dinner. For special team building weekends we organise a special gala evening dinner in a local restaurant.

As part of the Art Team Building we organise a party evening. For bigger groups we usually organise a private party with your own DJ. It can be followed by a night out to the local nightclub. As an option JMB Active can also organise a Horo evening which includes a performance of the local children's award winning choir.

The activities and challenges are always adapted to the objectives of your business. Most of the time we create new activities that can combine traditional Bulgarian crafts such as pottery, pyrography, wood carving, knife making and blacksmith forging with alternative arts such as art from recycled materials, Funky-Junk and art from nature. We can also include traditional Bulgarian Horo dancing and singing. The challenges usually include some nature discovery activities. We try to keep a balance between indoor and outdoor challenges to stimulate the energy of the team.

Why you would enjoy the Art Team Building Weekend...
If you are interested in doing a new different type of team building you will find this weekend very refreshing. It will help you learn a lot about yourself and others around you. You will have great fun re-discovering how to interact with your colleagues.

Who do we recommend it to?
We recommend the Art Team Building Weekend to any type of company. We adapt the activities and challenges to the company and type of staff to make it relevant and beneficial to your business.

When can you do the Art Team Building Weekend?
The Art Team Building Weekend is available during the whole year: Spring, Summer, Autumn/Fall and Winter. It is not dependent on the weather as the activities can take place indoors or outdoors.

We have experience organising team building weekends. You can read feedback of our Art Team Building weekends in our testimonials' section.

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General information

Location Bansko, Apriltsi, Chiflik, Hisaria
Venue Hotel, guest house, chalet, outdoors in nature
Dates available All year round
Group size From 10 to 100 people
Requirements None required
Specialist We work with the dynamic animators
Languages spoken Bulgarian, English and French
Disabled access no
Indicative price per person from

Package content

  • 2 nights accommodation in 3* hotel with full-board
  • Organisation of activities
  • Equipment and Materials
  • Pictures of activities
  • Party evening
  • Night club evening
  • Horo evening
  • Traditional Bulgarian choir singing

  • Transport
  • Clothes for the activities and walking shoes


We can organise alternative outdoor activities such as horse riding and mountain biking. We can also organise a performance by the award winning Apriltsi children's choir.