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JMB Active under the name JMB Medical Travel has partnered with the best private dental clinics in Bulgaria to offer a wide range of treatments to improve your dental health and give you a perfect smile at an affordable price.

In red below you will see a list of the dental procedures that we offer:

Here are some of the dental conditions we can help you treat at a low-cost:

  • Missing tooth
  • Incorrect smile
  • Tooth decay
  • Caries
  • Damaged teeth
  • Tooth infection
  • Gum infection

How do we treat these dental conditions?
We can recommend the best specialists in each field of dentistry to offer the best treatment for your teeth at an affordable price.

  • Treatment for caries
  • Dental crown for a damaged tooth
  • Dental implant only €485 to replace a missing tooth
  • Root canal therapy, also known as endodontics, to treat infected teeth
  • Gum surgery, periodontology, to treat diseased gums
  • Cosmetic dentistry to have a perfect smile
  • Teeth whitening to restore the teeth's white brilliance
  • Dental veneers to have perfect teeth
  • And more listed below in red

Low-cost dental implant with JMB Medical Travel
JMB Medical can recommend the best dental implantologists in Bulgaria: Sofia, Plovdiv and Varna that use international brand implants such as Nobel Biocare, Bredent, Magitech, Vitanium, 3i, Straumann, Zimmer, amongst others. And Bulgaria has the enormous advantage of offering highly trained dentists, many of which have been trained in Europe, with low labour costs. Most dental procedures are labour intensive. On average 70% of the cost of a procedure is labour. And labour costs in Bulgaria are the lowest in Europe due to the low cost of living. As a result dental treatment in Bulgaria is cheaper than in Europe and Turkey. It gives you the opportunity to enjoy a low-cost treatment and a great holiday in Bulgaria.

Our specialists
JMB Medical has selected the best dental clinics in Bulgaria to offer you the highest level of treatment. We work with experienced dental specialists many of whom have been trained and worked abroad. We will recommend the best team for your treatment plan to achieve great results.

The latest technology
The dental clinics we partner with use the latest medical equipment from Europe and the USA. They use for example: Litetouch dental laser, Planmeca dental unit, Cerec and 3M ESPE.

These clinics operate to European standards. They offer the same level of treatment as Western Europe or the USA at a fraction of the cost.

Where can I be treated?
All dental treatments we offer are available in Bulgaria. We work with best dental specialists to offer great results. And depending on your requirements and preferences we can bring together the right team to offer you a personalised treatment plan.

Discretion guaranteed
We understand your need for discretion. All our treatments are provided on the basis of full secrecy. Only the doctors who are involved in the procedure and the necessary members from the JMB Active team will be informed of your condition and treatment.

Medical tourism travel services
As JMB Travel a licensed tour operator in Bulgaria we can help you organise all travel arrangements for medical travel to Bulgaria.

  • Dental clinics that provide a good service at a low-cost.
  • >Translators in case you do not speak English we can provide translators in many languages: French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Arabic, Greek and more.
  • Hotels and apartments to enjoy a comfortable stay and convalesce faster.
  • Travel from the airport to your hotel and the clinic as well as advice on low-cost flights.
  • Visits and activities to discover Bulgaria and enjoy your holiday in between visits at the dentist.

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Dental implant replace a missing tooth
Dental Crown dental restoration
Root canal therapy treating infected teeth
Gum surgery treating infected gums
Cosmetic dentistry a perfect smile
Veneers dental aesthetics
Teeth whitening smile and shine
Caries filling for tooth decay

General information

Location Bulgaria: Sofia, Varna, Plovdiv.
Dates available All year round

Package content

Included Dental treatment
Optional Choices of dental treatment options
Excluded Scan imaging, medical tests, anaesthesia, accommodation, food, transport, flights, translator

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