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The pleasure of capturing the moment in the clip of a frame and embalming it for eternity to share with friends and family is priceless. It's like stealing a moment from the march of time and stamping your name on it. and Bulgaria is a beautiful country for a photography holiday.

In red below you will see a list of photography weekends and holidays that we have organised in Bulgaria:

Active holidays in Bulgaria
At JMB Active wWe organise Active Holidays in Bulgaria where you can combine photography with other outdoor, sports, nature activities as well as arts & crafts, health and gastronomical activities.

Nature photography
The variety of nature photography subjects around Apriltsi is mesmerizing. There are 5 nature reserves around Apriltsi. They make up the Central Balkan Nature Reserve. You can do a one-day photo safari to shoot wildlife through your lense or you can go on a nature photography mission to save the image of a rare and endangered specimen of bird or flower.

Landscape photography
Apriltsi and the hills surrounding it offer stunning panoramic views for landscape photography. You'll find crystal clear sunsets and misty dawns that that fill the soul and create emotion to make you forget about everything else.

Architectural photography
And as a centre for Bulgarian culture the Apriltsi region offers many subjects of historical, cultural and architectural importance. The monasteries, churches, monuments and old houses testify to the country's unique identity and long history. It is worth recording it for others to witness.

People photography
Finally there's the people who make up the life of the region. You can see craftsmen at work. People of all ages carry out daily chores of urban and rural life from drinking a coffee in the town centre to packing hay to feed the cows and sheep during winter.

There are so many things to take pictures of in Apriltsi that you'll need to live all year round here to cover it all!

Improve your skills
Photography is easily accessible for all to enjoy, whatever your age or level of skill. The diversity of subjects available around Apriltsi means that you can push your boundaries, perfect your eye and develop your skills as a photographer. We can organise a photographic holiday where every day you can capture a different type of subject.

Photography holiday
JMB Active specialises in cultural and photographic holiday in Bulgaria. As a registered tour operator we can act as your travel agent to organise hotel, transport, entertainment, visits and activities.

Contact us
For additional information about photographic holidays please contact us directly.

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Photo safari Track the wildlife in your lense
Photography weekend Capture the beauty of Apriltsi

General information

Location Apriltsi, Bulgaria
Dates available All year round

Package content

Included Guides, transport, advice
Optional Your camera
Excluded Bring your own photgraphic equipment

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