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Travel Romania

Romania is a beautiful country that offers a rich and diverse cultural heritage and beautiful nature.

In red below you will see a list of holidays that we have organised in Romania:

When you travel in Romania you come into contact with Romanian as well as Hungarian and German Saxon culture in Transylvania.

JMB Active's objective is to help you enjoy a unique experience of Romania. We would like to be your local friend, the expert that shows you to the best places to experience Romania to the full. We will take you on a unique and personal journey through this fascinating country.

We specialise in creating custom packages for our guests. We take into account your personal interests, age, length of visit and budget to provide a tailored programme. Your journey will be unique and personal. Here is an example of a Cultural Tour of Romania.

Visit Bulgaria and Romania
If you want to visit two countries during your holiday we can help you organise a tour of Bulgaria and Romania. As a tour operator we can recommend an itinerary, the best places to visit, help you arrange transport such as car hire in Bucharest or find the best hotels.

We have created example packages to give you an idea of the types of holidays in Romania and Bulgaria we organise such as the combined Cultural Tour of Bulgaria and Romania.

Finding a hotel
As a tour operator we can book a hotel for you. There is a wide range of choice of hotels and guest houses in Romania from 5-star hotels to authentic traditional-style family-run guest houses.

We pride ourselves on being able to take you to the best places in Romania where the locals go to enjoy good food. We can organise home-made food so you can discover the authentic Romanian culinary customs. And you can try the local home-brewed Romanian Palinka, a potent plum brandy.

Where and when
JMB Active organises holidays in Romania throughout the year. Our packages are adapted to the seasons. We also make sure we include any local events at the time of your visit. Our holidays in Romania can take you to different regions of Romania so you can enjoy the sea as much as the mountains and visit the best historical monuments and see cultural events.

Your holiday in Romania
We organise holidays in Romania for any size group from one person travelling on his own to a family holiday or a large group of 50 people or more.

For additional information about the holidays in Romania please contact us or click on the example packages in red below.

To date we have organised a wide variety of holidays. And you can read about the feedback and impressions of people who visited us in our testimonials' section.

Images and videos of Romania:
Videos of Romania

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Discover Romania cultural tour of Romania
Visit Romania and Bulgaria fascinating and beautiful

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Location Romania, Bucharest, Wallachia, Transylvania , Moldavia, Bukovina, Bessarabia
Dates available Spring, Summer, Autumn/Fall

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