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Mountainbike holiday in Bulgaria

JMB Active is the travel specialist for MTB mountainbike holidays in Bulgaria. Our MTB treks are tailored to your level of fitness and experience. They can be adapted to families, groups and advanced bikers. In red below you will see a list of the MTB mountainbike holidays in Bulgaria and rental options that we offer:

Mountainbike in the Rhodope mountains
In the Rhodope mountains we organise a MTB mountainbike holiday that takes you through some of the most beautiful regions of Bulgaria. It is mainly off-road with easy routes traversing amazing natural landscapes: rivers, lakes, pristine valleys full of colourful flora and the surprise fauna. It is a great way to discover a unique region of Bulgaria, the legendary land of Orpheus.

Mountainbiking in the Central Balkan
The freedom to cover vast expanses of land with the breath taking view of the snow capped Central Balkan mountain range is a real delight for mountain bikers . The region has marked routes but it also holds the secret to many paths through the hills and forests that are not on the map. With JMB Active you can go on a real adventure to discover the secrets of the mountain.

An ideal terrain for mountainbiking
The hills and mountains of the Central Balkan offer different types of terrain and gradients. Some trails are sheltered by thick green foliage, others, higher up, are bare leaving you free to explore the horizon as you ride like the wind. There are some technical routes and downhill paths. And there are also dirt tracks which are smooth and easy to ride. The region has the advantage of offering different levels of difficulty to suit everybody from the beginner to the more experienced mountain biker. The variety of trails and unlimited distances make the Central Balkan around the Aromahoney mountain retreat ideal for a mountainbike cycling holiday.

Get fit and feel good!
Whilst riding through the mountain you will appreciate the quality of the air. It is energising, like food for the heart and lungs. The combination of cycling through varied terrains, the clean air and the fresh mountain water you can drink from the many fountains along your route will make you feel good and strong. It will help you recharge your batteries.

Family cycling holiday in Bulgaria
For families we organise active holidays in Bulgaria where you can combine mountain biking with other outdoor, sports, nature activities as well as arts & crafts, health and gastronomical activities.

Team building MTB holiday in Bulgaria
For companies we organise active team building weekends where we can combine MTB mountainbiking with other outdoor, sports and nature activities. Mountain biking is one of the options.

Your local advisor
JMB Active is managed by JMB Travel which as a licensed Bulgarian tour operator can help you organise all aspects of your MTB mountainbike holiday in Bulgaria. We know the best places. We can recommend the most interesting activities and give you the best prices.
  • Hotels with options for spa, family-run guests houses to enjoy local hospitality, camping.
  • Travel from the airport to the start of the mountainbike trek with a car hire, airport pick-up or public transport.
  • Restaurants where you can find the best food.
  • Mountainbike rental
  • Activities to complement your MTB cycling holiday in Bulgaria.

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Mountainbike in the Rhodope a beautiful off-road adventure
Mountain biking weekend Rent a mountain bike for the weekend
Family bike weekend Discover Apriltsi together

General information

Location Apriltsi, Bulgaria
Dates available Spring, Summer, Autumn

Package content

Included Mountain bike, a guide, map and directions
Optional Your own bike
Excluded All weather clothes for mountain biking

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