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The process of producing pottery is akin to the creation of life. Earth and water come into communion with air and fire to create purpose. The fundamental elements congregate to produce a unique piece.

In red below you will see a list of pottery workshops and holidays that we have organised in Bulgaria:

Pottery therapy
There is an immense satisfaction that comes with the production of a piece of pottery. It is an entirely fulfilling experience as the process involves all the senses: touch, taste, sight, hearing and smell. You are creating something unique the outcome of which is not entirely predictable. And as a result of the entire process the fruit of your labour, patience and creativity has an image. Finally, the object can be shared with others.

Bulgarian pottery
The Troyan region in Bulgaria located at the foot of the Central Balkan mountain is the centre for Bulgarian pottery. The production techniques and distinctive decorative styles have been inherited from ancient times. The earliest pottery dates back 3,000 years. The influences are as deep and varied as Bulgarian culture. And today a new generation of potters is blending traditional techniques with modern design ideas.

Aromahoney mountain retreat
At the Aromahoney mountain retreat in the heart of the Central Balkan you can practice pottery. You can learn different techniques for making and decorating pottery using both traditional and modern techniques. You have free access to a pottery wheel and we can invite for you some of the best master potters rom the Troyan region for one-on-one tutorials.

Active holidays in Bulgaria
At JMB Active we organise active holidays in Bulgaria where you can combine pottery with other outdoor, sports, nature activities as well as arts & crafts, health and gastronomical activities.

Master potters
JMB Active is proud to be able to present some of the best works of Bulgarian master potters, young and old. We are helping them to continue developing the art of pottery making in Bulgaria.

Pottery workshops
We organise pottery workshops for all ages and all levels listed in red below. We have the tutors and facilities to provide one-on-one and group tuition. We offer workshops for complete beginners and intermediate potters with basic skills. And for advanced potters we can organise one-on-one tuition with the best master potters in Troyan.

The pottery workshops we organise are structured and can be adapted to specific individuals or the needs of a group. The workshops cover all aspects of pottery making:

  • preparation of the clay
  • how to use the wheel and other instruments
  • technical tips for producing an object
  • firing the clay
  • painting and decorating techniques

Depending on the length of the workshop we usually combine pottery making with discovering the technique of the local masters, past and present, by visiting private collections and museums as well as the homes of local master potters.

Bulgarian pottery
JMB Active promotes the best of Bulgarian pottery. We help talented master craftsmen sell their creations online. In our pottery arts & crafts section you can discover the work of the best Bulgarian potters. We work with the best Troyan-style pottery studios in the region. You can discover a selection of traditional Troyan pottery as well as more modern pottery designs.

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One day pottery Hands-on pottery course
Pottery weekend From making to decorating
Advanced pottery tuition Troyan pottery techniques

General information

Location Apriltsi region, Bulgaria
Dates available All year round

Package content

Included Clay, tools, wheel and kiln
Optional Your creativity
Excluded Comfortable clothes that can get dirty

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