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To replicate what you see and show it to others the way you see it is the true meaning of art. The satisfaction of being able to communicate in painting your feelings accurately with colours and lines, sharing what your eyes see with people of different cultures, is the ultimate expression of your individuality.

In red below you will see a list of painting workshops and holidays that we have organised in Bulgaria:

Active holidays in Bulgaria
At JMB Active wWe organise active holidays in Bulgaria where you can combine painting with other outdoor, sports, nature activities as well as arts & crafts, health and gastronomical activities.

Travelling and painting
Discovering a new location opens your eyes. You observe everything in a new light and notice details you wouldn't usually pick up. It stimulates your senses and can be the spark that opens up a new source of inspiration for your art.

Painting holiday in Bulgaria
JMB Active specialises in painting holidays in Bulgaria. As a registered tour operator we can act as your travel agent to organise hotel, transport, entertainment, visits and activities.

Painting in Apriltsi
Apriltsi has always been attractive to artists. The tranquillity, luminosity and stunning views stimulate painters. Many have settled here or visit regularly to refresh their inspiration. Groups of Bulgarian artists regularly come here on Planneri, workshops, where they share techniques and new ideas.

Apriltsi offers a huge range of subjects for painting. The panoramic views are of course awe-inspiring. There is also the nature, flowers, vegetation, birds and animals that stand out beautifully in the crystal clear mountain air. The plum trees in bloom in the month of April are like sugar for your eyes. The scent of the Acacia in May will make you travel to far flung corners of your soul.

The old traditional houses in the mountain or near the river are a perpetual theme for local artists. And the people who carry out their daily chores in the fields can bring life to your canvas.

Painting holiday
JMB Active organises painting holidays in Bulgaria. They are open to all ages and all levels of skill. We aim to provide a broad spectrum of painting options to make your holiday as interesting as possible.

We can provide one-on-one tutorship or group holidays. Depending on your preference we can either indicate the best places for painting in the mountain or organise workshops with local artists. We can organise visits to local museums, monasteries and private collections to give you a feeling for the best of Bulgarian art.

In case the weather is not favourable we have an indoor facility. There we can organise painting workshops to practise on a subject or develop specific technical points. We can also rent an indoor space with good panoramic views where you can see the clouds rolling over the peaks of the Stara Planina mountain range.

Local artists
We work with many local artists who use different media and techniques: watercolour, oil or acrylic; brush, tube or spatula. They have different styles: modern, classical and carry out different types of painting: canvas, icons or egg decoration.

Our aim is to stimulate your senses, inspire and help you develop your technique by bringing you into contact with new subjects, mediums, styles and ideas.

Painting materials
We offer a basic range of painting materials. We have easels, brushes and some paints that can be used freely as part of your painting holiday. We also sell canvases, brushes, spatulas and a wider range of paints.

Contact us
For additional information about painting workshops and events please contact us directly.

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Icon painting Learn the secrets of the iconographer
Painting travel and paint

General information

Location JMB Active, Apriltsi, Bulgaria
Dates available All year round

Package content

Included Easel, paints, brushes, paper
Optional Your paints and brushes
Excluded Take warm and comfortable clothes and walking shoes for outdoor painting

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