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Fundraising for the Apriltsi choir

The Apriltsi choir has won two gold medals at Euro Folk 2011. And Milena Ileva was granted a special award as a Maestro.

The performance that took place on Tuesday 13th july around 20:00 was breath taking. The choreography and synchronization of the singers overwhelmed the juges and the public.

Once again we would like to thank the all the benefactors who have helped make it possible and for these children of Apriltsi to enjoy such a great experience of success at the festival Euro Folk 2011:

  • Apriltsi Municipality under the auspices of Mladen Pelov.

  • Montessori Children’s House. Montessori Children's House nurtures the child’s unique character and promotes independence, respect for self, other, and the environment.

  • Iva Marinova and the team at Iventas. Iventas is the official distributor of brands for many baby products in Bulgaria: Philips AVENT, Phil&Teds, Mutsy, Tiny Love and many more.

  • Veselina Nikolova and the team at OGRA. Огра ЕООД is a consultancy that helps companies prepare investment projects.

  • Helmut Schweighofer and Alexandra Paul

  • Cristina and Luiza Ceterchi

  • Dessy Tzvetkova

  • His Excellence the Ambassador of Algeria to Bulgaria Ahmed Boutach

JMB Active has helped the local girl's choir to find money to participate in Euro Folk 2011. The European Championship of Folklore will be held in Nessebar on the Black sea coast of Bulgaria between 8th and 18th July 2011.

After receiving 6 awards at the National Bulgarian Singing Festival in Stara Zagora in May 2011, Balkan Bouquet received a special invitation from the organisers of Euro Folk 2011. Their participation is considered essential to represent the beauty and talent of traditional Bulgarian singing.

The girls are very proud to have the opportunity to represent Apriltsi, the central Balkan region and Bulgaria in this international event. Their coach Milena Ileva is a teacher at the local Vasil Levski school in Apriltsi. She has dedicated the last few years training the girls in her free time.

The girl's have been rehearsing together since the age of 3. Now they are aged between 6 and 13 years old and have reached an amazing level of synchronization. Epizod a heavy metal band that likes to blend traditional Bulgarian voices into their music has written songs for them.

Unfortunately the money allocated to culture in Bulgaria does not always reach the right people and the girl's choir does not have any funding to pay for costumes or accommodation at events. Transport is kindly provided for free by the local school.

JMB Active has helped the girl's choir find the money to go to Nessbar and participate in Euro Folk 2011. The 40 girls needed 1,600 Leva (820 EUR, 690 GBP).

We are working with Milena Ileva and Nikola Hristov of the Vasil Levski school in Apriltsi and Stanislava Histova Nankova who manages a local NGO The Organisation for Local Development Apriltsi to collect the funds.

You will also be able to follow the girl's performance at Euro Folk 2011 LIVE on the internet. We do not know yet when exactly they will be performing but we will send you an update as soon as we know.

We have personally been touched by the beauty of their voices and know the girl's dedication. And today we are very proud to be able to help them.

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