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Visit Apriltsi

What to do in Apriltsi
With its unique natural setting and its rich cultural heritage the region of Apriltsi offers a wide range of nature and cultural activities. Whether you are travelling alone, with your family or friends you can enjoy a wide range of activities. At JMB Active we will be glad to recommend and help you organise a fun and unique holiday.

  • Horse riding for one hour or a few days trek in the mountains
  • Mountain biking
  • Nature discovery: Learn about the mountain eco-system, recognise animal tracks
  • Bee keeping: discover the secrets of the beehive and taste pure mountain honey
  • Bio-farming: a balance between man and nature
  • Home-made food and picnics in beautiful scenery
  • Local wine and home-made rakia tasting
  • Photography
  • Walking in the hills and mountains around Apriltsi and in the Central Balkan
  • Pottery
  • Pyrography
  • Cheese-making, traditional Bulgarian yoghurt
  • Fiber arts: knitting, embroidery, needle-lace
  • Traditional Bulgarian dancing
  • And many more...

There is lots to do in and around Apriltsi if you are visiting for a few days.

Visits around Apriltsi
Apriltsi is ideally located in the centre of Bulgaria and close to many places of historical interest. Here you can find a list of excursions to do around Apriltsi.

Here there are loads of things to do and visit. You'll go home feeling inspired!

Your tour operator for Apriltsi
JMB Active is the only tour operator that specialises in the region of Apriltsi and the Central Balkan. We know all the best hotels and guest houses and can recommend the best places to eat and what to do. Contact us for more information and advice. We'll be glad to help!

Apriltsi, the secret of the Central Balkan

JMB Active is based in Apriltsi the hidden gem of the Central Balkan. It is tucked away at the foot of the old mountain, Stara Planina, the central Balkan mountain range that crosses Bulgaria from East to West.

Apriltsi is blessed with stunning panoramic views of mount Botev where the mountain range culminates at 2,376 metres and Maragidik peak. The views are breath taking. They fill up your soul.

Apriltsi is one of the few places in Bulgaria and Europe where the air is renewed up to 4 times a day. Its specific location in the corridor between the central Balkan mountain range and the hills of Cherni Vrah, the Black Peak, offer the region a micro-climate that is mild and dry. It feels good here just breathing the air.

The region offers untamed and unspoilt nature. Apriltsi is in the middle of the Central Balkan National Park. It is surrounded by 5 nature reserves, each with its own characteristics. The variety of plant-life and diversity of wildlife make it an exceptional natural heritage site. Over half the inventoried plants and animal species in Bulgaria are found here. There are over 220 species of birds and 160 types of medicinal plant. It is an area of international importance for the preservation of the environment.

Go for a walk in the hills around Apriltsi and look down at the ground you will see so many species of flowers and plants in one square metre. It is fascinating. And look up in the trees and the sky and you will see so many birds.

A visit to Apriltsi touches all the senses. Its unique location and beautiful nature are enough to make it a special place to spend a holiday.

Transport to Apriltsi
Apriltsi is located between the town or Troyan to the West and Sevlievo to the East. It is South of the main road that connects Sofia to Varna.

Find out all the information you need on directions to Apriltsi by car or by bus.

If you are coming to Apriltsi and searching for directions on the internet. Please be careful in Google Maps there is an error. There is no route through the Central Balkan mountain directly south of Apriltsi. To cross the mountains you should use the Shipka pass to the East near the town of Gabrovo or the Troyan pass to the West which is near the town of Troyan. The pass recommended by Google Maps is an old Roman road that is not passable.

The heart of Bulgaria

Traditional Bulgarian dancing and singing
The region around Apriltsi is the heartland of Bulgarian culture. People are proud of their heritage and traditions. They continue to practice traditional Bulgarian singing and dancing.

We work in partnership with the local community centre to organise community activities and support the local dancing and singing groups. Our contribution to the local community keeps authentic Bulgarian culture in Apriltsi active and vibrant.

Traditional arts & crafts
Traditional regional crafts like pottery, knitting, weaving, iconography, wood carving, metal and leather work are still practiced to this day. It is a great place to discover how traditional crafts are made. The local masters are always happy to demonstrate and teach you their skills.

JMB Active works closely with many local craft masters to support and help them find new outlets for their production. We hope that our efforts will keep local crafts and traditions alive.

There are also many young painters and sculptors with a lot of talent. We are working with them to get their work known internationally.

Culinary traditions
Bulgaria has rich and varied culinary traditions. And the region around Apriltsi has its own local delicacies. For all our workshops and activities we provide traditional local dishes. We want to share with you the smells, tastes and textures of traditional Bulgarian cuisine. Most of it is made with locally-sourced home-made products.

You can enjoy your meal with mineral water from the mountain, home-made fruit juice, wine or plum brandy that are all produced locally.

We're certain you'll appreciate this journey of discovery!

Feeling good

After visiting Apriltsi you’ll go home feeling re-energised. The combination of clean air, pure mountain water, stunning views, beautiful nature, good food and stimulating activities will make you feel whole.

Our commitment to you is to make you feel good. By the time you leave you’ll feel more relaxed, energised and inspired. Apriltsi is a great place and the activities we organise will rekindle your excitement for life. They touch each of your senses and provide a physical feeling of well-being.


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