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Cancellation policy

JMB Active applies a fair cancellation policy that aims to protect you, us and our partners. If we cannot refund your money due to a late cancellation we will try to offer an alternative holiday in exchange. We will try our best to meet your new requirements.

Our partners' cancellation policies

Whether you are booking a health treatment, holiday, accommodation, transport or an activity we have to take into account the cancellation policies of our partners who perform the service. They have different cancellation policies. In our offer we can include upon request information about the payment and the cancellation terms that cover those of the partners involved.

In principle we try to aim for a full refund if you cancel one-month before arrival. If you cancel less than one month before we will offer a partial refund. And less than 2 weeks before arrival we do not usually offer any refund.

For any cancellation the bank charges that may arise from the refund process will have to be covered by yourself.

Any money paid directly to one of our partners falls under their terms and conditions and cancellation policy. JMB Active cannot be held responsible for any partner's cancellation and refund policy.

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