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Smart phones disconnected

>> Кликнете върху българското знаме в горния десен ъгъл, за да видите съдържанието на български език

Is this what our children are becoming?

And is there anything we can do to prevent it?

I saw this video clip on YouTube and it made me realise that we have a responsibility to show children an alternative to Smart Phones and computers:

At JMB Active we believe in reconnecting children with the real world:

1. We organise art, culture, nature and health activities that are fun and interesting for children. They learn with their senses. And it complements what they are taught in the classroom.

2. Our activities involve team work to improve their communication skills. And they learn about traditional Bulgarian culture to make sense of what they read in history books and novels.

3. Finally, we stimulate their creativity. We show them how they can use elements from nature and recycled materials to produce unique pieces of art.

Here are some pictures and testimonials of school activities we have organised:

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