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Health insurance

You can get the cost of your medical treatment abroad reimbursed.

Public health insurance reimbursement

How to get your cost of medical treatment abroad reimbursed by your public national health insurance scheme?

If you are a citizen of the EU and your national health insurance scheme covers the medical treatment that you have chosen to do abroad they will reimburse you up to the cost of the treatment in your home country.

You can check if the medical procedure you want abroad is reimbursed before you travel by contacting your national health service provider. They will reimburse up to the estimated cost of the medical procedure in your home country.

Private health insurance reimbursement
If you have private health insurance the company will reimburse you for your medical treatment abroad if it is covered by your policy.

We will be glad to help you by providing the right documents so that you can be reimbursed back home.

Here are some of the private health insurance companies our partners work with:

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