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Medical treatment price comparison

As an independent medical travel facilitator JMB Active recommends the best private clinics and specialists in Europe, Turkey and Israel. We are independent from any country, clinic or specialist. Our aim is to give you the best treatment at a low-cost and with no waiting time.

We have conducted research to compare prices for private medical treatment abroad in several European countries. We have used Bulgaria as a basis for comparison with other countries.

How does Bulgaria compare?

For medical treatment in general Bulgaria is the most affordable:

  • Hungary is 20% more expensive.
  • Turkey is 35% more expensive.
  • London (UK) is at least 150% more expensive.

For dental treatment Bulgaria is also the most affordable:

  • Hungary is 10-30% more expensive.
  • Turkey and Greece are 25-40% more expensive.
  • London (UK) is 200% more expensive.

For plastic surgery Bulgaria is also the most affordable:

  • Hungary is 20% more expensive.
  • Turkey is 70% more expensive.
  • London (UK) is 200% more expensive.

Why are these destinations so expensive?

There are several reasons why you are paying more in Budapest (Hungary), Istanbul (Turkey), Athens (Greece) or London (UK):

  • On average 70% of the cost of a medical procedure is labour costs. And labour costs for doctors and medical specialists in Hungary, Turkey and London are all proportionally higher than in Bulgaria.
  • Also the cost of the support staff: nurses, administration, accountants are all lower in Bulgaria.
  • Rents and land are much more expensive in Budapest, Istanbul and London than they are in Sofia, Plovdiv or Varna. The rent and maintenance of a hospital building or clinic is much lower in Bulgaria.
  • Corporate tax in Bulgaria is much lower, only 10% one of the lowest in Europe.
  • Pension and health contributions are also low in Bulgaria.
  • Living standards are lower in Bulgaria. It means that clinics here have to remain price competitive to serve the local market.
  • Business expenditures such as marketing are lower here too.

All in all you are paying for the location of your treatment. If you travel to Bulgaria you can enjoy the same level of treatment at an affordable price. And you can also take in a great holiday at the same time.

How can Bulgaria offer reliable, quality and affordable private medical treatment?

  • Bulgaria has always had a high level of education especially in medical specialities. Many students from Greece, Russia, Turkey and other parts of Eastern Europe and Central Asia come here for medical training.
  • Many doctors who have worked abroad chose to come. Life is good here after all!
  • There is a healthy competition between private clinics which keeps prices low.
  • The public health service pays for part of the cost of a treatment for Bulgarians in private clinics which helps keep the costs low.
  • Living standards in Bulgaria are the lowest in Europe. It also means that salaries and in general labour costs are the lowest.
  • The cost of rent and land is very low in Bulgarian cities compared to large urban centres like Istanbul and especially London which are known to be amongst the most expensive in the world.

The bottom line is that the cost of the medical treatment you seek is linked to its location. Why pay so much more for a clinic's huge rent costs and over-bloated wage bill when you can travel for a few hours and receive great affordable treatment and see a beautiful and inspiring country.

The findings of this research are based on samples of clinics in Hungary, Turkey and London in the UK that offer the same treatments using the same or similar technology and materials. It was carried out in 2013.

This research does not claim to be all-encompassing of the data available for all the clinics in all of these countries.

It is also not an average of the price of the treatments in any of these countries. Such research is impossible to carry out since the technology used and the price, type and quality of the materials vary from clinic to clinic.

JMB Active partners only with the best private clinics in Bulgaria. We offer the best services and treatments available in Bulgaria. We do not compromise on quality. And we do not work with the cheapest clinics. The prices reflected in this research are based on the clinics that we work with in Bulgaria in different cities such as Sofia, Plovdiv and Varna.

In this research we have used the prices advertised on our website. They are an indicative price that is not the lowest available. It reflects a fair average of the price offered by our partner clinics at the time of publication.

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