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Nature tourism in Bulgaria

At JMB Active our mission is to make you feel good. In your day-to-day life when you spend so much time sitting down at work, in transport or at home you want to spend the little time you have on holiday to rebalance yourself and be active. We enjoy organising outdoor holidays, nature activities and ski holidays in Bulgaria.

As a registered tour operator we can act as your travel agent. We can help you organise your nature holiday in Bulgaria, find you a low cost flight, a hotel, organise visits, activities as well as health treatments. We operate across all Bulgaria from Sofia to Plovdiv and Varna.

Bulgaria is an ideal destination for nature, outdoor, active and ecotourism. It has many stunning mountain ranges that create an amazing regional diversity for such a small country. The Rhodope mountains of Orpheus are like an island in the South of Bulgaria. They are so different from the Central Balkan mountain that crosses the entire country from East to West. And with a small popualtion most of its natural habitats are unspoilt and wild, ready to be discovered on horseback, on a bike or on foot with a photo camera at hand. Bulgaria is a great place for getting back in touch with nature.

And at JMB Active we know that it is essential to get back into contact with your body and nature to be healthy and feel positive. It is the best way to re-discover yourself and learn about your position within the universe. We all have an individual mission. And challenging yourself physically takes you beyond yourself at this moment in time and moves you closer to your true nature and fulfilling that personal mission in life which is after all the key to feeling satisfied.

Where does JMB Active organise nature holidays in Bulgaria?
We specialise in nature holidays in Bulgaria where we have created exciting challenges for different types of people from photo safaris in the nature reserve of the Central Balkan to horse riding for families and mountain biking on and off-road in a pristine and wild natural environment.

What kind of nature holidays do we organise?
  • Walking in the vast expanse of the Central Balkan mountain range.
  • Mountain biking on and off-road in and around the hills and river of Apriltsi.
  • Photo safari in the wild untamed mountains of the Central Balkan nature reserve.
  • Horse riding in different regions of Bulgaria.
  • Nature discovery classes for school children to enjoy and discover nature's secrets.

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