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JMB Active appears regularly in the regional and national press. We have a passion for maintaining local culture, traditions and crafts and developing intelligent tourism in Bulgaria. And we work to help preserve the beautiful nature of the Central Balkan region. We offer a unqiue type of holiday that is interesting because it caters for special interests and bring together Bulgarians with guests from abroad to share common interests and passions.

You can contact us to receive our latest press releases about health, culture and nature travel to Bulgaria.

Our events have been featured in the Bulgarian national press in Lovech Press, Troyan 21, Troyan Glas, Rositsa, BTV and Vsichko za Sameistvoto/Everything for the Family.

Everything for the Family
Vsichko za Semeistvoto/Everything for the Family is a weekly Bulgarian national newspaper that focuses on cultural, health, special interest and family issues.

  • The story of JMB Active and our objective to preserve local culture and safeguard nature in the Central Balkan.
  • What parents want for their children: why parents want value for money and want their children to learn something useful during Green Schools that will benefit their education.
  • Shanae was one of our guests visiting from the USA. She took part in the knitting workshop.
  • David Keegan came to Apriltsi to enjoy a different type of holiday where he could relax, switch off from his stressful lifestyle and discover Bulgarian culture from the inside. David did pottery, photography, gardening, natural fitness and hiking as well as enjoyed a spa weekend. He contributed some of his pictures to the JMB Active website.
  • We have a regular column for natural health advice. Our first article focused on taking out from your diet what is unhealthy rather than spending money on expensive treatments.
  • Todorovden horse race reviewed in Vsichko za Semeistvoto.

Lovech Press
Lovech Press is the main regional newspaper for the Lovech region which comprises Lovech, Troyan and Apriltsi.

Lovech Today

Troyan News

Troyan Glas
Troyan Glas is one of the most read newspapers in the town of Troyan.

Rositsa is the main newspaper for Sevlievo.

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