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Second opinion

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Doctors always recommend the best cancer treatment based on their knowledge. But in Bulgaria the ability of doctors for treating cancer is limited :

  • There are not enough good cancer specialists. Many of the best cancer specialists now work abroad.

  • The ability of a doctor to diagnose a cancerous tumor is limited by the technology he has at his disposal. And in Bulgaria you usually have old technology. And unfortunately many medical specialists do not know how to use the latest technology when it is at their disposal.

  • The treatment that the doctor will recommend depends on the tools that are at his disposal. Again the latest technology and the latest drugs are not available in Bulgaria. And this limits your chances of being successfully treated and surviving.

  • Many doctors in Bulgaria receive a commission from foreign hospitals for every patient they recommend. Commissions exceed 1000 Euro per patient! So they eagerly recommend treatment abroad. And they always recommend the same hospital whether it offers good treatment or not. Their interest is not your interest. Watch out!

  • Your life depends on you and you alone! Don't give up the responsibility of your life to someone else without checking for other opinions. The doctor might be right but he also might be wrong. At the end of the day your life is at stake, not his!

Get a second opinion to review the diagnosis and the treatment plan that is recommended to you. We will help you compare the recommendations of the specialists and check the potential results. It is better to have 2 opinions than only one to make a decision that can save your life!

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