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Pre-school arts & crafts

Montessori Children's House contacted JMB Active to create a special weekend where children and parents could come together to experience Bulgarian culture and traditions hands-on.

Montessori is unique early education system that encourages children to develop their own qualities within the environment of a group. The emphasis is on discovery, freedom and respect.

At the Montessori Children's House in Sofia the children are taught in English from the earliest age. The Montessori Children's House nurtures the child’s unique character and promotes independence, respect for oneself, others and the environment. The children develop according to their individual and natural abilities while doing purposeful work, spontaneously chosen and carried out with profound joy.

JMB Active organised a series of workshops where children and parents could learn together. It was an amazing opportunity for parents to spend quality time with their children and meet the parents of other children. For many parents it was the first time they actually witnessed their children interacting with others and discovering how they learn.

JMB Active organised workshops where parents could interact with their own children as well as with other children and parents. For most parents it was the first time they spent time meeting each other and sharing experiences of parenthood. It created bonds of friendship.

The children and parents had the opportunity to discover pottery, wood carving, bread making and art & nature. Young and enthusiastic craftsmen Rositsa Zankova, Peter Lazarov and Irina Nankova guided the children and parents through the tuition of each craft.

The children reveled in the hands-on approach to learning. And they loved sharing that experience with their parents.

"It was heart-warming to see so many parents enjoying quality time with their children in a beautiful and relaxed environment." Mariya van Dommelen of JMB Active commented.

The group of parents and children that came to Apriltsi for the arts & crafts weekend were from different countries: Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, Austria, Germany, France, Canada and the USA. The workshops were carried out in Bulgarian and English.

Everybody enjoyed the beautiful spring weather, the clean air and spectacular view of the snow-capped Central Balkan mountain range.

We achieved 98% satisfaction rating and 100% of parents said that they would recommend it to a friend!

The grand-mother of one child said:

"Thank you for creating the environment where the parents could spend a very special time with their children."

And we very much enjoyed creating this special environment.

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