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School cultural weekend

35th School Sofia, Bulgaria, Cultural activity weekend, Autumn/Fall 2010.

JMB Active hosted the 35th School from Sofia for a cultural weekend. The teachers wanted to complement the children’s classroom education with some hands-on practice of traditional Bulgarian crafts.

There were 45 children aged between 12 and 14 years old. The group was split in three and over two days each child had two hours minimum hands-on practice of pottery, iconography and shoe-making. They were able to take home the results of their work and were proud to decorate their classroom with icons, pottery and souvenirs.

The children were introduced to local traditional dishes and had the opportunity to meet local children from the same age group.

In between activities the children spent time outside playing and enjoying the fresh air and space of the mountain environment.

JMB Active organised the activities, lunches, visits to monasteries, museums and local landmarks as well as entertainment on Saturday night. It provided support and an individual mentor for each group.

Overall the children were very satisfied with their experience. In a survey carried out at the end of the weekend 92% said they were very satisfied and 78% said that they would recommend it to a friend.

The teachers were very pleased with the activities and how smoothly everything ran. Slavka the head teacher said:

“I am very impressed with the organisation of the weekend. It made it a pleasant, interesting and relaxing experience for us the teachers. It has been a very useful weekend for the children. They had a great time!”

The children now have a genuine experience of Bulgarian traditional culture which they can relate to in their studies at school.

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