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Travel Bulgaria Istanbul Turkey

Information on travel between Bulgaria and Istanbul in Turkey by bus, train and plane.

We also organise an Istanbul city break. It includes a good 3-star hotel in the historical centre of Istanbul, airport transfers and evening entertainment. And we'll be glad to customise it for you.

  • Bus times, train times, flight times.
  • Arrival and departure times.
  • Cost of travel between Bulgaria and Istanbul.
  • What is the cheapest option for travel between Bulgaria and Istanbul?
  • Distance between Bulgaria and Istanbul.
  • What is the best option for travel between Bulgaria and Istanbul?
  • And what to do in Bulgaria while you're waiting.

Travel privately to Istanbul
If you want the freedom of travelling when you want and at your own pace you should choose a private transport option.

  • For couples and families we can organise a car hire from Bulgaria to Istanbul.

  • For groups we can organise a mini-bus or coach from Bulgaria to Istanbul.

These are ideal options for travelling to Istanbul, leaving and returning when you want as well as visiting Edirne on the way. Contact us to request a quote.

What to do in Bulgaria?
Bulgaria is a great country for a holiday. Whether you like outdoors, nature or culture there are so many things to do in Bulgaria. Here is a list of the top 10 things you can do in Bulgaria and a few more:

  • Dance traditional Bulgarian Horo at an open-air summer festival
  • Meet the Thracians at the Thracian tomb of Kazanlak
  • Try the wine that the ancient Greeks wrote poems about!
  • Listen to mass in the Rila monastery which is hidden in the mountains
  • Make your own clay pot in Apriltsi
  • See Eurasian brown bears in the wild
  • Ride on horse back through one of Bulgaria's wild nature reserves.
  • Go clubbing, experience Bulgaria's crazy nightlife!
  • Soak in the unique mineral waters of one of Bulgaria's many natural mineral spas.
  • Throw away your glasses and lenses by doing Lasik - refractive surgery
  • Put a smile on your face with low-cost dental implant
  • Look 10 years younger with a choice of beauty treatments such as Mesotherapy, Botox and Fillers

Travel services in Bulgaria and Istanbul
As a registered tour operator at JMB Active we can help you organise your holiday in Bulgaria and in Istanbul. We can help you find a low-cost flight, book a hotel, organise transport including car hire and recommend interesting cultural visits and fun outdoor nature activities.

How to travel between Bulgaria and Istanbul in Turkey:

More information on travelling in Bulgaria:
For more information on travelling in Bulgaria and Turkey you can contact Julien:

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